ip man 3

Ip man 3 Review

Ip man 3 was a long time in the making, and had a lot to live up to considering the awesomeness of the first two films. Did it fill my expectations? Not quite, now I am not saying this is a crap movie, no way a...
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Kung Fu Jungle Starring Donnie Yen

Kung Fu Killer  Review With Special ID and Iceman being a bit of a disappointment, I was relieved to see this flick- Kung fu jungle a.k.a Kung Fu Killer. This film featured dazzling well choreographed fight sc...

Flash Point / Dou Fo Sin (2007)

A Hong Kong crime and action film, Flash Point or locally named as Dou Fo Sin features two police detectives portrayed by Donnie Yen and Louis Koo who intend to capture and topple the operations of a Vietnamese...
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Killzone / Sha Po Lang (2005)

Do you miss watching  classic Hong Kong action type of films? Sha Po Lang, aka Killzone or more commonly known as SPL to many fanatics, is another type of throwback kind of movie which starts with an interestin...
ip man 2

Ip Man 2

“IP Man 2” is just an aide -memoire of the glee in watching the ancient martial-arts films where highly experienced athletes perform many of their own antics.  The IP Man 2 has a strong impact on its audience s...
Ip man

Ip Man Review

This is Arguably one of the best Donnie Yen Movies to date, I mean the only thing that comes close to it is Ip man part 2. Great story line which is based on real life events and the fight scenes are exceptiona...
dragon tiger turbo

Dragon Tiger Gate

Lung Fu Moon   Dragon Tiger Gate a.k.a  Lung fu moon hit the big screen in 2006, coming across the board as a Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Wilson Yip. A kickass production, LONG HU ME...