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Kiss of the Dragon

Kiss of the Dragon (2001) is a recommended movie to watch for those wanting to see an easily satisfying action film. This is one that has a Chinese-sounding title and an English script, produced by great French...
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Unleashed Review

One of Jet Li’s best English movies, Unleashed brings about a lot of emotions to its audience. The action legend comes out as a different kind of fighter in this 2005 movie. Moving away from the traditional ima...
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Fist Of Legend-One Of My Personal Favourites

Fist of Legend Review Director: Gordon Chan. Action Director: Yuen Wo-Ping.   This is one of my Favorite Jet Li movies, it is a remake of Bruce Lee's fist of fury (aka the Chinese connection) and is kind of li...
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Fearless Review

One Of Jet's Greatest This is by far one of Jet Li's finest films  as it left critics with very little negative points to highlight. “Fearless” (2006) may even be one of the best martial arts flicks out there!...