shaolin movie poster

Shaolin Film Review

Inspired by a 1982 martial arts blockbuster hit starring  Jet Li, Shaolin (directed by Benny Chan) was re-written in a significant manner wherein the sense and trademark of martial arts were both transformed in...
chocolate featured

Chocolate Film Review

Following the international action hits Ong Bak and Warrior King, another martial arts film directed by Prachya Pinkaew was released in 2008. The Thai director who polished the big screen skills of Tony Jaa dec...
ninja wallpaper

Ninja Assassin Review

This flick has awesome fights scenes but an average story line, not a bad story line just nothing original and a tad predictable. Although the supernatural aspect mixed with the cool looking weapons fight scene...

Rise Of The Legend

What this flick lacks in fight scenes it more than makes up for in story line. It contains vengeance, sorry, hope, compassion and triumph over evil. Starring Eddie Peng Yu-yan as legendary Chinese hero Wong Fei...

Never Back Down (2008)

If you first watch the trailer for this film, you would be frothing at the anticipation of watching this flick. The trailer was successful in piquing audience interest in that it seemed to contain a pretty good...
Raid 2 final fight

The Raid 2 OMG What An Epic Masterpiece!

Berandal Review   First of all I just want to start of this post by saying this film is  absolutely undoubtedly mind blowingly fu%#en epic! The director  is God like, the main Actor  is extremely talen...

The Raid: Redemption

The Raid: Redemption Review Being the latest film by the Welsh writer/director Gareth Evans, this film revolves around violence and isn’t just an action movie but an action encounter. The Raid: Redemption has...