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Sha Po Lang 2 – A Time For Consequences

If you are looking for a hard hitting fast paced martial arts extravaganza then look no further than SPL 2. In true Hong Kong style kung fu movie fashion this master piece delivers crisp clean flowing well chor...

Tony Jaa Movies List

    Filmography Of Tony Jaa Up And Coming Movies From Tony Jaa xXx3 "The Return of Xander Cage" Tony teams up with Vin Diesel again and this time Donnie Yen decided to join in on the action...
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The Protector 2 (2014)

To be completely honest with you I did not enjoy this movie much at all, so you are probably wondering why I would review it on a site named Best Martial Arts Movies? Simply because it stars Tony Jaa and also t...

Ong Bak Part Three

Ong Bak 3 Movie Review This Movie is what I would call a good martial arts movie, where the first two movies of this trilogy are what I would call great martial arts films. Having said that, this movie is wo...
Defying gravity

The Protector

Review Of Tom Yum Goong   Tony Jaa burst on to the scene with Ong Bak and completely turned the world of martial arts cinema upside down, with his refreshing and unique style and breathtaking stunts he...
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Skin Trade-Tony Jaa Teems Up With Dolph!

Skin Trade Film Review An action movie written by a big star about a controversial subject, with two martial arts experts and a handful of famous actors to boot. What could go wrong? Well actually a whole lot ...

Ong Bak- by far one of the best martial arts films

Ong Bak- Muay Thai Warrior This movie sets a new benchmark it is by far one of the best martial arts movies out there (in my opinion). It is the first big movie from Tony Jaa (former stuntman- now martial arts...

Ong Bak 2 The Begining

Ong Bak 2 Review This movie, I felt didn't quite get the respect that it deserved.. The story line was not the best but in the same breath it wasn't that bad either. Personally for me when I watch martial arts...