Scott Adkin Movies


Unleashed Review

One of Jet Li’s best English movies, Unleashed brings about a lot of emotions to its audience. The action legend comes out as a different kind of fighter in this 2005 movie. Moving away from the traditional ima...

Ninja Shadow Of A Tear

Ninja: Shadow of a Tear is five times better than its prequel, Ninja (2009), and is a lot better than some of the action films ot there. In fact, a lot of people might consider it as the best ninja movie. Th...

Ninja Review

Isaac Florentine never fails his audience when it comes to giving them very satisfying fight scenes, and Ninja (2009) is one testimony to this. But of course half of the credit goes to the guy who really does t...

Undisputed 3 Redemption

Undisputed Part Three Review Scott Adkins returns as a different Yuri Boyka in Undisputed III Redemption. After having his knee broken by American fighter Chambers in the prequel, life for Boyka as a fighter c...

Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing Review

This Film Did Not Get The Respect It Deserved Cast: Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins, Eli Danker, Ben Cross Director: Isaac Florentine Screenplay: James Townsend, David White Don’t let the title dupe y...