Body Opponent Bag (BOB) Century® Review

Bob’s not your uncle, He’s a 60-78 inch human shaped body opponent punch bag and a nice workout partner for any boxer or martial artist!

Century’s Body Opponent Bag is a great alternative to the normal heavy bag, it can be used to improve accuracy of striking because of its human shape and facial and musculature features. I like to use it to practice the down and dirty eye gouge, liver and kidney punches etc as well as normal MMA striking.

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body opponent bag

Body Opponent Bag

I’ve owned the Body Opponent Bag for over two years and use it daily, even if it’s only throwing a few punches as I walk past poor Bob when going from my living room to the kitchen. I’ve set up my apartment in this way, with routines like; today, every time I pass Bob I’ll throw combo x or everytime I walk in this door I’ll do four chin ups on the bar attached to the door frame. I rent an apartment with adjacent neighbours in pretty much every direction so I can’t have a heavy punch bag hanging from the ceiling, this is one of the things I love about the Body Opponent Bag; it’s 270 pounds with either sand or water in the base and so is not only freestanding but can take a lot of punishment without falling over or creating vibrations that will upset my neighbours.


I like to use it for training distance and range; you can get a good idea of just how far back you can stay and still strike because of its realistic shape. If you’re using it for longer training sessions I recommend either using gloves or doing palm strikes because the shape is more likely to leave you with small cuts on your knuckles than a normal punch bag. Yes, the annoying ones that mean you can’t train punches properly for another couple of weeks. Another minor drawback is because of the base you can’t get in as close as you would a normal heavy bag that’s hanging from a ceiling or bracket. This isn’t  a major problem and is just a little tricky when it comes to specific attacks like the spinning elbow.


I rate the Century Body Opponent Bag a 4.5 out of 5. It’s not a big investment and comes with a one year guarantee. I plan to keep using mine for many years to come which is more than I can say for a lot of the equipment I’ve purchased in the past. 🙂

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