A Hong Kong crime and action film, Flash Point or locally named as Dou Fo Sin features two police detectives portrayed by Donnie Yen and Louis Koo who intend to capture and topple the operations of a Vietnamese-Chinese syndicate led by the notorious siblings Tony (played by Collin Chou), Tiger (played by Yu Xing) and Archer Sin (played by Ray Lui).


Being a bad-ass himself, Donnie Yen’s character Detective Sgt. Ma Jun is the kind of cop who acts first before asking questions. He is partnered with Wilson (Louis Koo) to stabilize his temper during their undercover mission to bring down Tony’s gang.

Basically, the story revolves around the typical police-versus-gangster kind of stuff. The first scene starts off when Ma Jun was summoned by the higher authorities to remind him of his mission and scope of duty. However, the reminder did not make Ma Jun refrain from kicking asses first before asking proper questions to his captives.

Another common theme of this Hong Kong action movie is the melodrama taking place between the bad guys’ characters. It has been a common story in this kind of movie where the bad guys actually have good intentions despite their wrongdoings. In Flash Point, the three Vietnamese brothers show their love by constantly taking care of their 80-year old mother even when being chased down by the police in an extreme speed car pursuit.

Set during the time when Hong Kong was not yet returned to China, political disputes still find a place in this movie. The first two scenes from the film depict both heavy drama and extreme violence though almost surreal comic-book type that will not make you vomit. After all, Yip decided to invest more of the movie budget in a gun duel which eventually turned out into an intense martial arts showdown between Ma Jun and the leader of the Vietnamese syndicate Tony.

The climax combat between the two is both outstanding and amazing at the same time as they showed powerful martial arts sequences professionally. To give you a little idea, Collin Chou who played Tony, is the same person who portrayed Seraph from the movies Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution.

shameful promotionOne interesting fact you would notice as you watch this film is the innumerable appearance of their obvious sponsor, Johnnie Walker Black Label. If in some films, the wine or beer labelled bottles are either turned down or facing the opposite of the camera, well not in Flash Point – where almost all scenes not involving combat are accompanied by several bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label interestingly. At the opening act of the club with Detective Wilson, lined up against the wall for exclusive club members, at the lounge table as Tony happily chats with some influential leaders and at the birthday party scene for the Vietnamese mother of the siblings are just some of the scenes where you would find the gallant sponsor.


For those who couldn’t get enough of Flash Point, a two-disc special edition is currently out in the market ready to be brought home by martial arts fanatics. It came out in a more vivid picture and a crystal-clear audio together with Cantonese or English subtitles for every viewer’s convenience.

Special sneak-peeks are included in the Disc One such as Triple H: The King of Kings – There is Only One, PTU: Police Tactical Unit and Fatal Contact. It also features an interesting commentary track regarding the cinematography and budget between the two experts in martial arts film Donnie Yen and Bey Logan.

On the other hand, Disc Two includes a lot of extra scenes comprising the deleted ones from the movie. Behind-the-scene clips and short segments which include the participation of director Wilson Yip and other co-stars are also made available on this disc.

For the bonus section, promotional ads and random interviews are present for enthusiasts who want more from the stars and the moviemakers. So if you’re looking for a superb Hong Kong urban action feature with martial arts as the chief focus, don’t hesitate to watch Flash Point.

Flash Point / Dou Fo Sin (2007)
Fight Scenes90%
83%Overall Score

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