Lung Fu Moon


Dragon Tiger Gate a.k.a  Lung fu moon hit the big screen in 2006, coming across the board as a Hong Kong martial arts action film directed by Wilson Yip. A kickass production, LONG HU MEN (Dragon Tiger Gate) features fight choreography by Donnie Yen, who also stars in this blockbuster. In this film, Dragon Tiger Gate is a martial arts dojo founded by the descendants of Dragon (Donnie) and Tiger (Nicholas Tse).

The school hopes to train students with martial arts in order to keep the order of justice and repel the real threat of the triad gangs in a lawlessness-bent nation. A safe haven for the children of Hong Kong, the academy also acts as a home for orphaned children who’ve suffered as a result of the triad’s activities.

The two boys (Dragon and Tiger) separate while they’ll still kids. When Dragon’s mother dies in a fire, Dragon is taken into the care of a triad boss – Ma Qwun, where he grows to become his bodyguard.

One day when Tiger and his associates are spending some quality time in a restaurant, they rub shoulders with the Triad gang, who happen to be receiving the Luocha Plaque – a symbol of power and authority within the Luocha gate that places its holder to be second only to Luocha Gate’s leader Shibumi. A fight ensues in the premises, and Dragon fights with Tiger – with no knowledge that he’s his half brother. The fighting doesn’t mature to be the epic duel you might hope for, but sets the precedent for captivating events later on in the film.

At night, Dragon finds Tiger (his unrecognized brother) at a Jap restaurant and makes an attempt to retrieve the Plaque. He does so with ease which sets the scene for a massive brawl, at the end of it Tiger  realizes that Dragon is his brother since he’s wearing the other half of the jade amulet pendant his mother gave to him. The plot then culminates into a series of confrontations, fights and wins that change the state of affairs.

After the international splash they made with SPL (Killzone), Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen had the good sense to reunite for this big budget, comic-book endeavor. The plot turns a complete 360 degrees in terms of plot, action and style from the SPL, some of the factors that eventually contributed to its box-office success!

The Fight Scenes

DTG is choreographed by Mr Yen so you know it is going to be awesome, fast paced and packed full of skill full foot work. This movie is based on a comic so the fight scenes are quite far fetched in the fact that kicks send enemys flying for miles and Dragon in one scene even picks up a table with one hand and throws it like a frisby lol. Then towards the end there is a full on fight involving super powers mixed in with martial arts action!

Long-time fans of Donnie Yen find the fight choreography unique and freshly thought – often outstanding. I’d vouch for the cinematography being unique too, featuring an unbelievable story of good and evil. I enjoyed the film, not a stun-faced screen show but a marvelous film for comic-style action lovers. You don’t get the same hard kickass you get with the likes of fist of legend, but a mood lifting, action-pack is what you should expect!

Dragon Tiger Gate
Fight Scenes80%
73%Overall Score

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