IP Man 2” is just an aide -memoire of the glee in watching the ancient martial-arts films where highly experienced athletes perform many of their own antics.  The IP Man 2 has a strong impact on its audience since the fight scenes let you see the fighters in real time and space. The film was shot in a 1949 setting and is a follow-up to an international 2008 impact that told the story of the heroic grandmaster who was Bruce Lee’s teacher. The grandmaster philosophy and tactics comprise of Wing Chun martial- arts school embraced by Bruce Lee, now profound in the west.

The IP Man 2 is pulled out by (Donnie Yen) who has been known for his great performance. He is a sober, young family man whose wife is pregnant with the second child and he is set-up to open a school of martial-arts n Hong-Kong. His decision faces a lot of opposition from the team that manages the sports and this leads to him having to fight with a series of the best fighters. The strategies for these fights is challenging since it will be done on a round table placed in the middle of dozens of wooden stools placed upside down.

What mostly keeps the audience glued to their seats is the fact that the sense of time and space is respected thus not interfering with the appeal of the kickass film. What stands out in this film is IP Man (Donnie Yen) amazing personality on how he insists on having dignity and honor .He does not fight with the series of fighter for his own gain but for justice to be served. IP Man always finds a way to use his opponents’ strong points against them. IP Man comes out gracefully in this fights which brings out his character and reminds many of Bruce Lee since they have common similarities in the way they pull it out.


Movies in this category rely on the bad character for the climax of the fight and in this case, we have Twister (Darren Shahlavi) who supports the British Imperialism. He will have to battle it out with IP Man (Donnie Yen) who supports the Chinese to rule home. This fight seems awkward since Twister is a boxer and comes wearing the attires for boxing while IP Man is dressed in his common Quasi-clerical floor-length black attire.  In the course of the fight the referee announces that kicking will no longer be used so that it would lead to a normal and fair way of getting the winner of the championship.

Donnie Yen is among the greatest martial-art star since he presents himself as an honest, good and never angry. He is a good fighter since he is able to control his mind and body. Although he is not the perfect family man since he isn’t available when his wife goes into labor (since he’s getting ready for the next match), this film surely deserves a five-star rating. Completely explicated as if it’s in real time!


Ip Man 2
Fight Scenes100%
91%Overall Score
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