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Who says a kissing scene is necessary in a romantic comedy film? Not anymore with Jackie Chan’s action film mixed with full romance and comedy adaptation of Gorgeous shown in 1999. Showing more comedy stints and sweet love than action scenes, Gorgeous is more intended to make people laugh while incorporated with some action stunts by the famous martial arts star Jackie Chan.

Played by Qi Shu, Bu is a Taiwanese hopeless romantic girl who got hold of a bottle with a rolled up love letter inside on an island she lives in. Right at the moment, Bu fell in love with the author and decided to search for him who lives in Hong Kong. She disregards the marriage proposal from her long time suitor and admirer Longyi, played by Richie Yam. The note contains a sweet line of, “Don’t you know I’m waiting for you?” from an anonymous man named Albert, played by Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Bu excitedly found Albert but later on felt greatly disappointed when she discovered that he’s actually gay.

Nonetheless, Bu happily stayed with Albert as a good friend before she met C.N., played by Jackie Chan. Rich, womanizer and charming, C.N. is confined in a crazy competition with his childhood classmate and long-time rival L.W., characterized by Emil Chau. One time during a scheme planted by L.W., Bu came across the incident and saved C.N. in no sweat, making him fall in love with her right away.

Another scene in the movie, Bu disguises as a Taiwanese gangster’s moll to develop more camaraderie with C.N. and to make him fall head over heels in love with her more. After quite a big effort from Bu, C.N. realized her worth and concluded to chase after her. From then on, a witty extraordinary romance came upon the two.

Though a little unusual from the rest of Jackie Chan’s films, Gorgeous demonstrates Chan’s capacity to entertain viewers with lots of humor and sweet love together with some cleverly choreograph fighting manoeuvres. It is an appealing movie with an unexpected love twist. Gorgeous is directed by a brilliant director Vincent Kok who specializes on comedic films. Though the film obviously depends on the public charisma of the actors especially Jackie Chan, some film critics stated that there must be someone more deserving for the role since Chan couldn’t say the sweet and humorous lines more effectively. Alongside with that, the combat scenes were not really necessary at all since the storyline doesn’t focus on action. However, these small highly choreographed fight scenes in between greatly shows Chan’s perfect side of talent.

Aside from being outrageously funny, Gorgeous used a mistaken identity trick to entertain the audience in a whole lot different way. The whole scheme is quite unbelievable and wouldn’t surely happen in real life. Another entertaining fact in the movie is the romance between Chan and Shu which sometimes develops awkwardness at the viewers’ point of view due to the almost 20-year age gap of the lead actors.

A deconstruction of Jackie Chan’s usual action-packed movies, his rival in the film doesn’t involve another individual or a group of illegal persona. He was on big rivalry with his own personality. It was shown precisely by winning the competition without fighting, a little uncommon for a Jackie Chan film. In fact, it is a motion picture where you wouldn’t expect him to act in a really interesting way.

On the other hand, Qi Shu used her bizarre annoying high-pitched voice and overexcited bubbly personality to her own advantage at the entire movie film, which definitely impressed the viewers. Her character’s optimism and innocent humor bring out the best in her compared to the previous roles she played. During the entire course of her short celebrity career, she’s versatile enough to portray different characters each time without repetition.

One more character who stood out is Tony Leung who managed to get the best of out of his gay character. Though sometimes he tends to overact, he still succeeded to play the role in an effective manner. Emil Chau excellently portrayed his odd persona of Chan’s rival who wants to hurt him but simply couldn’t do so since he still considers their friendship after all that has happened between them.

Overall, Gorgeous is a film which exceeded the average expectation from Jackie Chan’s usual trademark action-packed movies. The amount of action is moderate, giving more focus to the romance and humor genre. It is considered a little unusual yet great compared to other standard Hong Kong comedies.

Jackie Chan's Gorgeous (1999)
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