A Review Of Jackie Chan’s Finest Movie

Yeah you read right, this is Mr Chan’s best film (in my opinion). Why? Mainly because of the action scenes but it also has a great story to go along with it. The fight scenes are fast paced and show case a rather unique style of Kung Fu that Jackie demonstrates with great skill.

Drunken Boxing

As the name suggests it is fighting whilst drunk but not quite as the name suggests it is not just boxing it is more like Drunken Kung Fu (punching and kicking) and it is so entertaining to watch. The best way to describe it is a controlled wobble that distracts the opponents so that Jackie can land a few well timed and deadly strikes. There is also an awesome scene where our star takes on an entire group of axe wielding gang members armed with only a piece of bamboo

As any Hong-Kong action genre fan will agree, Jackie Chan does all his own stunts as well as suggests nearly all the high-flying choreography in his films. Chan has certainly kept the industry bubbling over the years. His work is huge, but perhaps, nothing represents his choreographic appeal more than the 1994 film ‘Legend of Drunken Master’.

A good number of Jackie’s films paint a reserved guy who’s cowardly (though amazingly flexible) and who’s forced to have to fight. Legend of Drunken Master happens to be something new in this respect, where the star comes across the board as plucky.

Legend of Drunken Master is funny, comic and interesting.Unlike the majority of Jackie’s films this isn’t aimed at children- the bad guys get owned. But all the same though, the ‘hurt’ always disappears before the next scene. Definitely a good watch for any film enthusiast who appreciates the fun in spending an entire weekend afternoon watching a phenomenal Kung Fu movie.

The Plot

The Legend of Drunken Master is a movie where a guy somewhere needs to solve a problem, but things ‘over-spin’. So that he ends up kicking a lot of ass in the process.  As the fantastic, well thought-out  plot unfolds, you appreciate the next scene more than you are happy with the current one. Even the meanest critics acknowledge that the story is well written, and that Jackie is at his best. An amazing piece of work!

But then, there’s just more to it. Jackie Chan’s acting in this action flick has something more unique than in most of his recent works. Chan’s story-lined character (Wong Fei-Hong), the master of the Drunken fighting style, starts out as a teenage chap. But then, as the clockwork ticks on the Silver Screen, he’s just the Drunken Master that he says he is.

Other than Chan, Legend of Drunken Master features a well-talented cast. Lung Ti and Hong-Sung Pak do just fine. You have to appreciate the fact that Jackie Chan (uncredited Director) did a great job helping out the main director – Chia-Liang Liu.

The edge-moving last battle, which unrolls in a steel mill and, in addition to the excellent stunts, has Jackie Chan falling into a bed of hot coals – and later breathing fire! Yes, it’s breathtaking. Cool props should go to the player who acts Chan’s stepmother in the film. Jackie’s character has a friendly relationship with his stepmother. But you have to understand she’s also the manipulative, fake-crying character you might want to see in a comic-action feature like this!

If you have a thing for martial arts, Jackie Chan, or just plain charged action films, Legend of Drunken Master comes across the board as a must-watch! Conclusively, Legend of Drunken Master packs the punch of the finest productions in the martial arts genre. More so, the amazing fight sequences put together an adorable piece of film.

Legend Of The Drunken Master
Fight Scenes95%
90%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

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