Although there is not many of them the fight scenes are impressive but what it lacks slightly is the death defying stunts that Jackie is famous for and the earlier films of this franchise were also famous for. It has stunts but uses the story line to wow the audience in a different way. However it is still a good film, a somewhat depressing story line but in depth and well thought out none the less.

In 2004, the fifth film in the franchise that started back in 1985 was released. New Police Story starring Jackie Chan. The New Police Story was directed by Benny Chan, staring with Jackie Chan the cast includes (amongst others) Daniel Wu and Nicholas Tse – from dragon tiger gate and shaolin, together they give the movie a fresh and vibrant feel. The scenes are visually amazing and the Hong Kong skyline is astonishing. Even though it has police story in the title it isn’t meant to be a sequel to the other stories, it is a reinvention of the Hong Kong’s Cop Hero movie –  indeed a ‘new police story’.


In the New Police Story, the iconic Inspector ‘Chan Ka-kui’ or the super cop is now older but is even more troubled because of an earlier attempted police operation. The previous police operation resulted in the downfall of his team, while trying to bring to justice a cruel group of cop killing bank robbers. He turns to alcohol and avoids everyone around him, a year after a police transferee shows up and forces Chan’s character back into action to find who is responsible.

The movie features awesome stunts, fights, chases, sweet special effects, and brilliantly executed gun battles. It has a soap opera drama sort of feel. Jackie Chan cries in several different scenes, the story line is quite an emotional roller coaster. Jackie Chan is a great actor but it would be a lot better in this movie if he wasn’t trying too hard to act out the emotional scenes. Some of the key stunts from previous films also appear, making the millions of fans super happy. There is not a whole lot of hand-to-hand combat during the movie but some of the stunts are done using wires, which isn’t new (but uncommon) to Jackie Chan movies. He uses wires to enhance his collision reactions and kicks.

If you have the chance to watch the previous movies I recommend you do so, before you watch this movie, the journey from the beginning to end is pleasant. The performance of all the actors is excellent and the movie is very well made. I recommend this if you are a Jackie Chan fan and to anyone who just loves a good action flick.

New Police Story (2004)
Fight Scenes70%
75%Overall Score
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