This flick has awesome fights scenes but an average story line, not a bad story line just nothing original and a tad predictable. Although the supernatural aspect mixed with the cool looking weapons fight scenes will leave your thirst for violence satisfied.

The movie Ninja Assassin by director James McTeigue is a good ninja action flick but it isn’t perfect. The beginning scene sets the mood for the style of movie you are in for; extremely bloody and violent. There are so many cut off body parts and gore you would think you were watching one of the Saw movies, just without the ninjas. Ninja Assasin is a high budget film, with great cast and crew but you might think you were watching a cheap direct to DVD video.

The ninja story in this motion picture is pretty good but the non-ninja material is just nonsense. The focal point of the movie is revenge, redemption and a bit a sibling rivalry between Raizo (rain) and Takeshi. The two compete to win over their “father”, Ozunu, played by ninja legend Sho Kosugi.


raizoNinja clans that have been around for a thousand years are increasing their numbers by kidnapping young children and raising them in the way of the ninja. The children become mean fighting machines and carry out their duties as a ninja but the character Raizo falls for a young girl in his clan named Kiriko. They quickly fall in love and when she decides to run away she is caught by the clan and murdered by Raizo’s “brother”, under the orders of Ozunu in front of the entire young clan. Raizo turns his back on the clan during his first mission and then the story line jumps around quite a bit.

Anything in the movie that isn’t ninja related is just plain ridiculous and makes no sense. The sub-plot with Europol agents Mika Coretti and supervisor Ryan Maslow who are under investigation for getting to close to the ninjas. Randomly, a Russian operative is introduced and Mika ends up with some of the Ozunu Clan’s photos.

The movie is really dark and grim because every scene with ninjas is played out in the shadows of darkness. It feels like a raging parody of martial arts, although it may have been impressive on set, on screen it just looks like a bunch of frantic stunt men waving their arms and spinning around.

The use of the digital blood was annoying and when a person is hit with the ninja’s sword their blood just explodes from their bodies, it is just very unrealistic. One of the best parts of Ninja Assassin was the digital throwing stars and the zipping sound they make while you’re watching it in surround sound. It is pretty awesome to watch them fight with ninja stars instead of shooting bullets.

Overall, the fight scenes are pretty good but there was a few inconsistencies that I noticed for example all the other ninjas that weren’t main characters seemed to suck at fighting even though they wen’t through the same training as the rest.

Bright lights are lethal to a ninja for some reason. I could go on but I guess that would just be nit picking, a great movie but wouldn’t make a top ten list…


Ninja Assassin Review
Fight Scenes75%
62%Overall Score
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