Ninja: Shadow of a Tear is five times better than its prequel, Ninja (2009), and is a lot better than some of the action films ot there. In fact, a lot of people might consider it as the best ninja movie.

This sequel saved the whole story of the Ninjitsu master Casey Bowman, making up for the disappointment brought about by the first movie. Just think of the 2009 movie as a very long introduction for Shadow of a Tear and everything is good.

First of all, this movie really lived up to its title by presenting the character of Scott Adkins as a real ninja rather than just being like a white guy who knows martial arts which happened in the first film. Unlike in the original, Casey showed not only fighting skills but also the slick moves of a ninja penetrating enemy grounds.

The action, needless to say, is badass being an Isaac Florentine film. But it was made even better by the actors they included here. The half Japanese, half Chinese Kane Kosugi (who played Nakabara) and the stunt performer from Sweden Tim Man (who played Myat) were both able to level with Scott Adkins’ performance because of their previous action movie experiences. But who is even cooler is Goro, played by Shun Sugata. People should look out for the fight scene between him and Casey which shows a seemingly effortless but amazing encounter. No camera shakes and cuts are actually needed in all the fight scenes to bring satisfaction to the audience. Director Isaac Florentine was able to give out yet another one of the best action in the industry because of these highly skilled martial artists.

Acting was not much required from the main actors as the characters in this movie are supposed to be tough guys who are not too susceptible to any other emotion but anger. But the other actors are to be commended for a good performance. For example viewers of this movie are sure to notice Mukesh Bhatt’s portrayal of taxi driver named Mike.

Now what really differentiates this movie from its prequel is the storyline. Comparing the two, this sequel has a deeper and more complicated story behind it.

The way events reveal themselves is also interesting. The story itself is unique though the intention or conflict seems a bit too farfetched to take place. Nevertheless the plot is one that is able to maintain the attention of the audience throughout the movie. The seemingly blind hunt that Casey goes into takes audience interest in finding out the truth behind the problem in the movie. Unlike other movies which gives the audience a mere spectator view by telling all sides of the story – one where the viewer already knows all the motives and plans and just waits to see how the protagonist will win over the villain – this Ninja movie keeps the audience wondering just as Casey is by focusing on him – on his adventure to take revenge.

The true reason is kept from the audience up until the end, and this kind of storytelling worked for the movie because of the pacing. It was packed with a lot of long heart-stopping battles throughout the entire movie to keep the audience even more hooked to the screens.

For those looking to get inspired by Scott Adkins’ martial arts skills, this movie will definitely bring out the motivation to be just like him. Who wouldn’t, after witnessing him hit thugs like rag dolls and do triple kicks? And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, the movie surprises you at the end leaving you burping from all the action you just took in.

Ninja Shadow Of A Tear
Fight Scenes90%
83%Overall Score
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