If you are looking for a hard hitting fast paced martial arts extravaganza then look no further than SPL 2. In true Hong Kong style kung fu movie fashion this master piece delivers crisp clean flowing well choreographed fight sequences that will have your heart thumping in your chest and beads of sweat dripping down your forehead :P.

Both Wu Jing and Tony Jaa were in fine form, with honorable mention going out to Zhang Jin for his slick moves – we will get to see him soon in the up and coming IP man 3 and shout out to Zhang Chi for his sharp skills with the knives (no pun intended).

SPL2 has nothing to do with the plot of the original film and it is is missing both Donnie and Sammo but that in no way means this film is lacking any substance if anything it exceeded the first movie. This movie has an edgy story line with a few bizarre twists of fate.

The story never leaves you feeling bored but it does have a few impossible conveniences that are there just for the plot, such as a phone lost at sea that happen to be found and was still in working condition!?!? But for the most part it was full of action, suspense and emotion.

What a privilege for martial arts fanatics to see both Tony  and Wu in the same movie but the one who really stole the limelight for me was Zhang, he played the suave villain with impeccable skills that never shows any emotion. Wu Jing show cases his fluid and dynamic kicks. Tony busts out his bone crunching elbows and knees but does not get a chance to do his over the top stunts.

If there is one thing I will complain about, it will be the shortness of the fight sequences. They were beautifully choreographed and edited but they seemed to finish just as I was really starting to get into them. With so much talent there, im sure the audience would not have complained at seeing less story and more fighting. Also when Jaa takes on multiple opponents there was no really flashy moves, just very basic but well executed moves- they were good but it could have been so much better.

All in all this movie was a great watch, it is good to see Tony get redeemed from skin trade and unlike wolf warrior we get to see Wu do what he does so well. This movie has received many good reviews, so lets hope for a sequel some time in the not too distant future.




Sha Po Lang 2 - A Time For Consequences
Fight Scenes90%
80%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (9 Votes)

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