Skin Trade Film Review

An action movie written by a big star about a controversial subject, with two martial arts experts and a handful of famous actors to boot. What could go wrong? Well actually a whole lot went wrong….

I had high anticipations for this movie, mainly because I was keen to see Michael Jai White And Tony Jaa show down. But I was sadly disappointed with these two martial arts heavy weights the fight scenes could have been so much better.

What let them down? First of all they were not choreographed very well, there was very few of Jaa’s over the top trademark moves. The fight sequences were badly edited, a lot of cut scenes and slow paced. Seems as though there was budget or time constraints. Also the fights were short and quite basic. Tony, Dolph and Michael are capable of so much more.

The story plot was somewhat predictable and unrealistic. Dolph is basically invincible (anyone would think he has wolverines special healing abilities the way he recovers from mortal and fatal wounds) how ever the plot is strangely entertaining. The action seems to flow and does not give you time to be bored. It just has a very b grade feeling to it.

As  much as I love Tony Jaa his english skills really let his acting down but in is defense this is only his second english speaking role, (he did not say much in fast and furious 7) mastering a second language is no easy task.

I really feel as though this movie could have been so much better if they had a better fight choreographer and more fight scenes and not such a cliched story line. The ending does set up for a sequel, perhaps they can get it better the second time around….

In my humble opinion skin trade is worth watching, just don’t go in with high expectations- let your brain relax and enjoy the senseless violence.


Tony Jaa

Michael Jai White

Dolph Lundgren

Ron Pearlman

Peter Weller

Celina Jade



Skin Trade-Tony Jaa Teems Up With Dolph!
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