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xXx3 “The Return of Xander Cage”

xxx 3 return of xander cageTony teams up with Vin Diesel again and this time Donnie Yen decided to join in on the action, how awesome is that?!This movie is still in production so there is little info about it. But for many years I have waited to see Donnie Yen Vs Tony Jaa, I really hope they have a ‘Hong Kong’ style action scene. What I mean by that is a fast paced well choreographed fight scene that is truly epic, these two stars are more than capable to perform the task so lets hope the director/fight choreographer is up to the task – time will tell!

Ranked In Order From Best To Worst

Tony is one of the biggest stars of the martial arts movies world and perhaps one of the most under rated, but I am sure that will all change due to his increasing exposure in big budget movies. Below you will find a list of his movies in order of what I feel is the best to worst. This list is updated frequently….

 Ong Bak

This movie was absolutely groundbreaking, it really set a new benchmark for the industry. Basically if you ever hear anyone talk about Tony Jaa they will say something along the lines of “that guy from Ong Bak”. What was so unique about this movie was the original style of martial arts that it introduced to the audience and the pulse racing stunts that Tony performed himself without the use of wires or CGI.  I terms of martial arts films, it just doesn’t get much more spectacular than this! You can check out the review here.


 The Protector

Also known as Tom Yum Goong came out not long after Ong Bak and no better way to follow up a good movie by making another very excellent movie.If I were to choose a part of the movie that really stood out for me it would be a scene that took place in a restaurant which was more like a tower, why is it so great? It is a good 5 minutes of non stop footage of Mr Jaa kicking ass- the camera was on him the entire time meaning that the whole scene would have had to be done in one take….. Impressive, you can watch it here

 Ong Bak 2

The title would suggest it is a sequel to the first movie but it actually has nothing to do with it but who cares because this movie is freaking awesome! In this movie Tony really showcases just how versatile he really is he uses a number of different fighting styles as well as a whole variety of different weapons. You don’t get to see as many stunts as you did in the two movies above but the final battle more than makes up for it and has a decent story line to boot… Check out the review

SPL2 A Time For Consequences

The plot has nothing to with SPL part one, expect for the fact that it is just as if not more awesome then the first. It’s not quite packed full of stunts and over the top moves like a typical Jaa flick but it does have some exceptionally well executed fight scenes and a good story line. As a bonus this movie also has Wu Jing showing off his fluid and fast paced kicks,definitely worth a watch! Read more.

Ong Bak 3

Although this was a decent movie, a good movie maybe not a great movie, it unfortunately had to follow the first two which made it seem really poor in comparison. Try and think of how you felt when you watched the second two installments of the matrix trilogy. Having said that it is still worth watching just don’t have expectations of it being like the first one and you will not find yourself too disappointed. The review is here.

 The Protector 2

Im gonna be completely honest with you I did not think too highly of this movie it seemed rushed and it really didn’t live up to the first movie, not even close. That being said it is not a bad movie but it really didn’t take full advantage of what Jaa is capable of and the story line was below average. See more here. I really hate it when great actors star in bad movies.

Fast And Furious 7 

Epic movie although not really a martial arts movie and Tony’s screen time was somewhat limited but what we did see of him was fast paced and action packed. The dear departed Paul Walker put on a good show for someone who had little (none?) experience in martial arts. As a bonus we get to see Jaa pull of some pretty cool stunts!

Skin Trade

This movie was quite a let down I got so excited when I heard Michael Jai White and Tony Jaa were going to be in a movie together. The story line was not great but that would have been ok  if at least the fight scenes were better. The choreographer had so much talent at his disposal and he squandered it. The fights are few and far between, too short and badly edited, check out the full review here.

Battle Warrior

Battle warrior was released in 1996 when young Tony (unknown back then) was just getting himself established, it came out 7 years before Ong Bak and if you are expecting anything of that caliber then you will be sadly mistaken. I will let the video below do the talking…

Spirited Killer

This Film was released in 1994 back when Tony was just getting started, looks like a small budget film that probably never made it to the big screen. There used to be a fight scene available on youtube but for some reason it got taken down, no biggie though you are not missing out on anything great.

Hard Gun

A lot of big actors start off doing not so great movies and Tony is no exception. Im going to be honest with you and tell you that I have never even seen this movie but I read a review here and it seems on the same par as every other movie before Ong Bak. (bad) I couldn’t find a trailer or any decent movie clip so I have just put this movie clip in there to show you what the movie is potentially like… Enjoy 😛

The Bodyguard Part 1 and 2

To call these films ‘Tony Jaa Movies’ is kind of inaccurate as he only had a cameo appearance.  Released in 2004 and 2007,The main star of the movie is Mum Jokmok (the guy who played Ham lae in Ong Bak). These movies are cheesy comedy’s but I found them more cheesy than comical. Check out Tony’s cameo appearance in the two clips below….

At the end of the clip Jaa says “Thanks Black dick” When I watched the movie he actually says “Thanks Hum Lae” which seems to be the more accurate translation considering the reply….


This post is updated regularly as New movies are released….

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