To be completely honest with you I did not enjoy this movie much at all, so you are probably wondering why I would review it on a site named Best Martial Arts Movies? Simply because it stars Tony Jaa and also there are some people out there that actually seemed to like it. The first Prtotector movie was so unbelievably awesome which gave me really high hopes of this movie and I was very much disappointed when I got to see this movie

Tony Jaa, an amazing Thai martial arts expert, He’s one of the most underrated martial artists at the present time to star in incredible movies such as Ong-Bak and The Protector 1, which both showcased his best talent rather than the so-called super lame sequel The Protector 2.

In other words, Prachya Pinkaew’s long lame fighting scene at a train-wreck setting did not look any better than getting beaten up by Tony Jaa in real life.

The Protector 2 revolves around the story of a man named Kham (portrayed by Tony Jaa) who aims to protect and save a special lost elephant yet got himself framed up for the death of the elephant camp’s owner. Unknown to everyone’s knowledge, the elephant’s owner was dead a long time ago even before Kham found and rescued the missing elephant. No one is aware, even the departed man’s ruthless nieces who aim to capture Kham in any way possible. As he tried to escape both the authorities and the nieces, Kham found himself more screwed up when he came across a local gangster named LC (RZA) who wants to use Kham’s abilities illegally. To successfully accomplish his mission, Kham decided to collaborate with an accustomed Interpol agent to find his missing elephant while being wildly chased by the two hard-core nieces, entire police department and a bunch of martial arts experts along his way.

However, a massive let-down happened in the entire story as Tony Jaa fought off skilfully a group of villains, around 50 in total, trained by Wimp Lo. Though there are quite a number of rivals in the scene, the rambling fools did nothing but the best on just getting closer to Tony Jaa while waiting for themselves to get beaten up one by one without even bothering to throw a punch or counter his successive attacks. Tony Jaa continued to beat each and every one profusely yet not even one acted a little better by pretending to be wounded or hurt. He punched the faces and kicked the bodies of the goons who stopped in their track waiting for their turns to get beaten. As a matter of fact, The Protector 2 is a brilliant extended movie depiction of Spike Lee’s corridor fight scene in Oldboy, where the gangsters gracefully avoid hurting the protagonist just in time before they receive their own dose of bitter medicine through consecutive blows and kicks.

Next, for the funnier part, let’s go and explore deeper Pinkaew’s cinema technical team of somewhat visually impaired cinematographer, not-so-creative digital team, a music team comprising of people who loves rock metal tunes with several sound assistants who most likely ripped off some famous sound effects from renowned flicks. You would surely notice this during Tony Jaa’s scene in electric-powered train rails with a warrior (Marrese Cump) wherein every attack he released comes with a weird combination of swinging lightsaber special effects from a popular sci-fi movie Star Wars. If you think that’s weird, then wait until you see some unusual animations during the fight scenes which probably used a green screen backdrop. Things go blurry on and off even with the characters’ hair, getting more complicated on small movements as though showing real amateur skills from the staff.

For the record, The Protector 2 incredibly showed scenes with people falling from high places such as skyscrapers and cliffs repeatedly like forever without much importance. Also, it is made up of highly secretive poker-faced Interpol agents of very stern acting skills helping Kham to find a missing little elephant that tickles a funny bone in every viewer. Seriously, how are you supposed to lose a big mammal such as an elephant anyway? Only Pinkaew knows how.

Overall, the expectations of a great movie like its predecessor The Protector 1 crashed into a thousand pieces. Sudden gasps, wonders and laughter not intended for some scenes came upon every martial arts fanatic. Everything looked great individually yet appeared disastrous when combined together in one action movie. Personally, Tony Jaa deserves to be casted in a more detailed and experienced movie team to match his remarkable martial arts skills. There could be a chance in the future to make up for the disappointments with The Protector 2.

The Protector 2 (2014)
Fight Scenes60%
58%Overall Score
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