The Raid: Redemption Review

Being the latest film by the Welsh writer/director Gareth Evans, this film revolves around violence and isn’t just an action movie but an action encounter. The Raid: Redemption has received a 93% rating from rotten tomatoes and for good reason, the action scenes are so gory but well choreographed, from talented actors/martial artists.

The movie is set out in the rat holes of Jakarta, Indonesia as a SWAT team seizes a 30 floor apartment building in order to attack the gangsters. The gangsters have their headquarters on the 15th floor of the building making it possible for them to spy on every corridor and room using the video surveillance. It’s also in the same floor where the cruel and drug king Tama (Ray Sahetapy) rules over his tenants who are the most treacherous criminals in the city.

The tenants live for free in the building thus cannot rat on the gang and the kids are the ones to signal the alarm in case they identify the police. Both the SWAT team and the gangs have an arsenal of weapons and martial arts skills in which  to defend themselves. Rama (Iko Uwais) is a young police officer who will have to battle it out to save himself and many of the other officers. It starts out with Rama offering his morning prayer then does his physical workout and kisses his pregnant wife gently before leaving for work.  Everything is set for the raid arranged by the Lieutenant who meets Rama who has parked the van carrying his squad in front of the building.

The movie does not promise it easy to conquer the gangsters since Rama’s brother is among the bad crew. Rama and his brother will have to rectify their childhood feeling to their own gratification, if it’s not to yours. The fight scenes of this film will make you remain glued to your seat. Gareth has directed all the fight scenes well making sure you follow each detail of a blow thrown. Due to the unwavering camera work, the viewers feel like they are part and parcel of the action taking place.

The Raid’s strongest point is brought about by its one weakness which is the extreme energy found in all the combat chronology. The scenes where they talk seem literally slowed down. The film has a lot of twist and turns making you more suspicious and eager of what will take place next. The movie also makes you doubt your physics and biology due to the scenes where ones head is slammed severally to the wall but they do not pass out. But hey it’s a movie not a documentary.

The Raid: Redemption film is a real thriller and will definitely pull some chills down your spine. Although it has a lot of violence, Evans has brought the violence out very effectively making it to be valid in the film. The violence surrounding the movie is really important and it tells its audience of the high standards of its action. I you are a buff for action movies then this is a must watch – it’ll present you with a wonderful action experience.

This movie is apparently part of a trilogy, with rumors of Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White to star in one of them or possibly a revamped westernised version of the film…. stay tuned for more details

The Raid: Redemption
Fight Scenes95%
82%Overall Score
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