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Scott Adkins Intense Training Regime


Scott Adkins exploded on to the scene with undisputed 2 and 3, Boyka was the character to not only displayed Scott’s awesome physique  but also showcased his talents as an actor and martial artist,but what are his secrets? To be honest no one knows 100 percent for sure, so in this article we will  explore what we know so far…

For those of you who have watched his movies you will know that Scott Adkins is  shredded, cut, ripped, buff….. lets just say he is indeed a very muscular individual. Obviously many people want to be just like him perhaps even you, hence the reason you are reading this article right now.

There are many sites claiming to know Scott’s exact training regime I have read just about all of them and most have very generic diet and exercise advice that do not give you any insights what so ever, not only is this guy muscular, he is also flexible, agile,acrobatic and quick. There is obviously more to his regime then healthy eating and weight lifting.

He has been interviewed many times and talks mainly about his movies, there has been interviews where they have tried to pry about his training but he never really seems to give away too much details. What he does tell us is a little about his diet when prepping for movies he eats a very strict diet and trains harder (6 times a week) to get the leaner muscular look and when he wants to look bulkier he still trains hard but tends to eat what ever he wants.

What We Do Know About Scott Adkins Training

One thing he does let us know is that he incorporates a lot of plyometrics and gymnastics into his routine, for those of you who don’t know- a short explanation of plyometrics is the exercise of jumping, I have tried it before and it is a very intense workout, this kind of workout will give you explosive power and enable you to jump higher.

He has openly admitted to practicing yoga- it’s not just for women, it keeps your muscles and joints supple and flexible which is crucial for any martial artist. He also says it helps with his back injury that he had problems with while filming Ninja and Ninja Shadow of a tear.

Im sure most of you will be familiar with gymnastics, obviously it enables him to do all the amazing jumping kicks flips and cartwheels you will see in his movies. And Lets not forget the body building, but the resistance training that Adkins implements is quite unique- watch the video below;

You can see with the medicine ball routines he really mixes it up, alternating how wide you place your arms and different grips really helps to get good muscular definition by working every part of your shoulder, chest and arms. We see it again at  1:08 when he is doing a variation of pull ups/push ups with his coach holding his legs. Training techniques like this really aids in good even muscle development- you work all of your support muscles and all different parts of each muscle group.

Check out his ab workout where he is either punched in the stomach or whacked in the stomach whilst doing sit ups. I have personally never seen or heard of this being done before but it clearly works- just look at his wash board abs!

The  pad work video is shot in Scott’s  favorite Gym UTC (Ultimate Training Centre) for those of you have done pad work before you will understand how hard it is and how good it is at burning calories as well as a whole lot of other benefits..

The power kicking  video is shot at  the Gassor Martial Arts & Fitness Centre with his friend Ginger Ninja Trickster & his students. And just for fun I have included a video below of some behind the scenes training from Xmen Origins.

What Kind Of Fighting Styles Does Scott Adkins Practice?

The legend has been training since he was 10 years old, he originally started off in a Judo gym at 14 he trained in Tae Kwon Do and a few years later moved on to kickboxing. He is now a fully fledged Kickboxing Instructor for the P.K.A. (Im pretty sure that is an acronym for ‘professional Karate Association) In his movies you will see a lot of MMA moves, Brazilian jiu jitsu, Muay Thai etc. as well as a lot of weapons fighting.

Weather he is trained in those different styles or he learnt a few moves for his movies is unsure, even his website offers little explanation. One thing for sure is  he started training at the age of 10 and he is now 38, so he is definitely a master.

So why all the mystery shrouding his training program?

This is purely speculation on my part but I will say it something to do with the numerous fitness magazines that have interviewed him,(train,muscle and fitness etc.) If all of that information were openly available online then why would those magazines need to interview him? Those interviews are important for getting his name out there because seriously I feel as though he is one of the least appreciated action stars out there, many people say that he cannot act but that myth is debunked when you watch him play Boyka in the Undisputed parts 2 and 3. Why Ben Affleck was chosen to play Batman and not Scott is beyond me.

It may have something to do with the fact that he stars in a lot of straight to DVD films and it is difficult to break out of that mold. Mind you having said that both Undisputed movies were straight to dvd and those movies were epic! In fact they were some of the greatest martial arts movies. At the time of writing this article there is a Undisputed 4 fanpage with half a million likes which prompted them to make actually start making the fourth movie, Scott Adkins Facebook Fanpage currently has two million likes and growing.

Another theory is if you look at his official website and go to his fitness page it just says; Scott’s Training and Fitness content coming soon… so perhaps in the near future he plans on making some sort of workout DVD/program that he will sell. I certainly hope so because I will definitely be interested in purchasing it, and anything that will get his name out there and increase popularity will certainly increase the chances of us seeing him in more epic movies…

So to summarise, no one really knows all of his training and workout secrets, but we know they work, I mean just look at him! For now the most you can learn is by watching his videos on his his youtube channel, or by liking his facebook fanpage or even following him on twitter if that’s what you prefer. Im gonna finish off this post with a video of Mr Adkins demonstrating a very powerful side kick…. skip to 1:30 to get right into the action… enjoy 🙂

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