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Tony Jaa burst on to the scene with Ong Bak and completely turned the world of martial arts cinema upside down, with his refreshing and unique style and breathtaking stunts he really raised the bar for kung fu movies. The Protector also goes by the name of Tom Yum Goong,The Warrior King,Thai Dragon and Revenge Of The Warrior depending on what country you are in. It was the second installment from Tony Jaa and what a way to follow his first movie, it’s difficult to decide which one is better!

Considering it was directed by  Prachya Pinkaew and the fight scenes were choreographed by  Panna Rittikrai (the same team from Ong Bak) it is no wonder it was an epic masterpiece. In this film among other styles of martial arts Tony Jaa demonstrates a martial art that goes by the name of muay kodchasaan which translates roughly as elephant boxing.

This style is best seen towards the end of this flick where Kham (tony) takes on about 20-30 guys at once and does grievous bodily harm to them by breaking arms legs and what ever else his opponents throw at him. It is one of the many amazing fight scenes that you get to witness in this feature.

The Fight/Action Scenes

Know for the good part- lets talk about the fight scenes; there is one scene where Kham goes head to head with a bunch of extreme sports enthusiasts, guys on roller blades, free style bikes and motor bikes do battle with our hero. Of course Tony performs all the stunts himself- no stunt doubles here…. Just like his mentor Jackie Chan.

There is a very impressive scene where he makes his way up to the top floor of a restaurant smashing anyone and anything in his path. The entire scene spanned for a good 5 minutes and was shot in a single scene! You just don’t see stuff like that these days because it is so difficult to do. Apparently it took eight takes to get it right. Following that he has an impressive fight with a Vietnamese gang leader by the name of Johnny.

If that isn’t enough there is a temple scene where he takes on three guys one after the other, first is a Capoeira expert (Lateff Crowder who starred in Undisputed part 3) then he goes on to do battle with Wushu legend Jon Foo followed by former WWE wrestler Nathan Jones (big guy who also stars in Fearless). Don’t even get me started on the final fight scene it follows suit to every other action scene in tom yum goong by being absolutely fantastic!

Oh I guess I better tell you about the story line lol. Without giving too much away Kham comes from a long line of  royal elephant guards. When his elephants, that he is quite fond of are taken, he goes on a wild knee and elbow frenzy which takes him to Sydney Australia. Where he locks horns with gang members corrupt policeman and all sorts of dangerous characters in the pursuit to find his beloved pets which he calls his brothers.

This Excellent film is right up there  in my list of favorite martial arts movies. It has mind blowing and unique action scenes a solid story line and Tony really brings something new to the table with his over the top but visually appealing moves. Every scene is just choreographed so well it is as if you are really watching people fight not some staged performance! I love The Protector and I have lost count of how many times I have watched it….



The Protector
Fight Scenes100%
90%Overall Score
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