This Film Did Not Get The Respect It Deserved

Cast: Michael Jai White, Scott Adkins, Eli Danker, Ben Cross

Director: Isaac Florentine

Screenplay: James Townsend, David White

Don’t let the title dupe you. Undisputed II: Last Man Standing (2006) may sound like a typical sequel to a forgettable actioneer, but there’ s a lot more to it for the discerning martial arts fanatic. The plot takes place in Russia, following two combatants from different parts of the world and how their fates shake hands in an underground fighting arena. Undisputed II follows up to the 2002 film, Undisputed, which basically is a film that made no money, received no flattering critical acclaim and more so would just have been completely forgotten. Undisputed II adds a blockbuster sense of energy and performance, overturning the lackluster performance of its predecessor.

Indeed, Undisputed II is so different from the earlier version so much that the only thing common in both films is the character of ‘Iceman’ Chambers, the heavyweight champion boxer who ends up going to prison and fighting a super-talented nobody that has been featuring up the prison circuit (if even there is one).

George Chambers is a down-to-earth champion who despite being hit hard by things, is trying to do his best. While he’s doing a commercial, huge volumes of drugs are planted in his hotel room, giving him a one-way express ticket to prison. Chambers is angry about being framed for a crime he never committed, but subject to international laws, his only option appears to be ‘sit and wait’. Damn! During his time, Chambers locks horns with a man named Boyka, who is an undefeated fighter in a series of underground matches. After several nasty instances with Boyka, Chambers finally consents to fighting this Russian martial artist in exchange for Freedom.

This is the film that really made Scott Adkins famous both because of his acting and his fighting abilities

Several top-dollar bids are at stake for the fight, but unfortunately – Chamber’s cellmate drugs him, costing him a much needed win! Chambers is raging again, and Boyka shares the same sentiments arguing that he doesn’t need any help defeating Chambers. So a rematch is scheduled…

And boy, things can really get exciting, as the two champions fight out to determine who the real badass is. For the typical hardcore martial arts buff, this film has the potential to push you to the edge of the seat. Undisputed II: Last Man Standing has one thing going strongly for it all through – brutal and relentless kick box action. Bare-knuckle enthusiasts might be thrilled by the martial arts-type sparring, with the impressive athletic performance by English martial arts pro and gymnast Scot Adkins.

Yes, the film even bothers to call itself a sequel, rather than a standalone feature. But on top of what (if anything) the first film had to offer, this one bags some globally acclaimed praise from ultimate fighting nut-cases.

If you are looking for a typical plot with well build characters and a storyline that unfolds one step at a time, this might not be the film you want to bank some 92 minutes on. Though, if you have the guts for some real, hard-ass action, Undisputed II kicks it.

Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing Review
Fight Scenes90%
85%Overall Score
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