Undisputed Part Three Review

Scott Adkins returns as a different Yuri Boyka in Undisputed III Redemption. After having his knee broken by American fighter Chambers in the prequel, life for Boyka as a fighter came to a halt. He becomes a janitor instead. But the battles inside the ring never stopped, and his former manager Gaga (Mark Ivanir), conducts a competition inside their prison to choose a contender for the inter-prison tournament held in Gorgon Prison located in the Republic of Georgia. Boyka sees this as an opportunity to prove himself that he is still the most complete fighter in the world.

Director Isaac Florentine made a real upgrade from Undisputed II as the fight scenes are strategically captured through slow motion effect, giving its audience a chance to savour all the heart stopping action. The shots are graphic with blood and broken bones shown for an even more action-packed viewer experience. Moreover, the set, lighting, camera angles, and good background scoring all contribute to the feel that it is an MMA videogame made real. No wonder this film has earned some recognition such as the Best Director Award and Best Fight Choreographer in the 2010 Action Fest.

The action scenes were like it’s predecessor very well choreographed with a lot of flashy moves and the story line was entertaining and with a bit of a twist.

For me martial arts movies are about the fights first and the story line second but this movie had both. Proper story telling of how the prisoners train also adds to making the audience feel how tough it is to become a fighter for the inter-prison competition. No one else could do an hour of training right after a hard labor under the sun but Boyka and Turbo, played by actor Mykel Jenkins.  Action lovers will surely want to become as strong and as good as Boyka by the end of the film.

The plot, while not very distinct from a typical action movie, is a thumbs up. There was never a dull moment which is one of the most challenging aspects in creating a movie of this genre. It has a good way of sharing stories of humility, perseverance, compassion, and friendship without being cheesy. Humor was not missing in the picture either, making it a complete package.

Every actor played their roles well also which is another plus for the movie. Scott Adkins continues to prove that the character of Boyka is his. From the arrogant and very tough Boyka in Undisputed 2 to the humble man that he is in this sequel, Scott was able to clearly show the audience how changed his character is. He is definitely not just a martial arts performer but a talented actor, too. Mykel Jenkins on the other hand, was very effective in portraying the annoying, arrogant, and talkative person that Turbo is.

All other cast was well chosen by the makers of this film – all properly suited for the characters they are playing. For instance, Mark Ivanir who is indeed the most appropriate guy for the character of Gaga, Boyka’s manager. He can be viewed as a bad guy, a traitor yet he can also be the good and cool type which would leave you wondering which one is he in this movie. Marko Zaror did equally well in playing the drug dependent Colombian fighter named Dolor, who showed some impressive fighting skills, hopefully we will see him in more films to come…

There was hardly anything in Undisputed III that can hinder it from getting a five out of five star rating. It probably has the coolest choreography right now but not forgetting the importance of other film aspects at the same time. Boyka’s redemption is definitely worth watching for a lot of reasons.This flick is one you would definitely want to add to you collection…


Other characters not mentioned above are:

Hristo Shopov as Warden Kuss

Michael Baral as Casino Manager

Vernon Dobtcheff as Rezo

Valentin Ganev as Warden Markov

Velislav Pavlov as Chief Guard

Ilram Choi as Lam Chai (The North Korean Fighter)

Undisputed 3 Redemption
Fight Scenes95%
88%Overall Score
Reader Rating: (9 Votes)

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