Update- Iceman was a bit of a let down and Kung Fu Killer was great,read the full review here.

Donnie Yen has been very busy recently, with Iceman 3D (Iceman cometh) set to grace our screens in april and Kung Fu Killer being launched later this year, As well as Dragon City in production and Crouching tiger hidden dragon part 2 not too far around the corner! Iceman should have some pretty impressive fight scenes considering Yen is the action director, lets hope it has plenty of them. Iceman is a remake of ’80 classic and is separated into two movies. The great news is we wont have to wait too long for the second part as it will be launched around Christmas time.

And now for some more good news (I think) It is reported that the movie went waaay over budget so that should mean mind blowing special effects or it could be due to the fact the local government was not to cooperative in letting filming take place on the Tsing Ma Bridge forcing them to have to make a replica! (an imitation set)

The basic jist of the story line is a Ming warrior who gets frozen along with his arch nemesis and are thawed out in the present to resume their fight, so kind of like a Chinese version of Captain America…  I just hope it is more realistic fighting rather then relying too much on special effects, Im sure Donnie won’t let us down.All in All it is a fairly big budget movie that comes in two parts with Donnie Yen so lets hope it is as good as it sounds…

Kung Fu Killer

This movie is also set to come out roughly around the same time as the sequel to Iceman, how does the Donster do this?  This movie also seems to go by the name ‘Last Of The Best’.There is not much info on this movie apart from a brief synopsis on the story line; Donnie plays a martial arts instructor who is imprisoned after accidentally killing someone.

Then for some reason a ruthless murderer goes around killing martial arts experts so in exchange for his freedom Xia (Yen) offers to help the police. The killer (Wang Baoqiang) proves to be quite hard to catch and the film climaxes to a duel between Xia and Wang with a women (Xia’s lover?) at steak. Not the most original sounding movie but as I said there is not much info on it so there could be a lot more to it then that. It certainly does set the scene for some epic fights.

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