ip manWing Chun has been made popular by Donnie Yen in the IP man trilogy. It is a great style for self defense discipline and confidence, the best way to learn this art is to find a school near you. If that is not suitable for you then the other option is to learn Wing Chun online.

There are multiple sites offering Wing Chun training as well as you tube videos, but to really master it properly and quickly you need to learn the moves step by step from a credible instructor.

Some of the benefits to learning at home are;

#It is great to give it a go before you commit to classes

#Good for busy Individuals who can’t make the time schedule of classes

#For people who do not have classes nearby

#Good for people who are already training in Wing Chun but would like to hear viewpoints of another instructor

Also goes by the name Wing Tsung, this technique specializes in close quarters fighting in both striking and grappling. It is believed to originated from a monk observing the interaction between a snake and a crane.

Who Is Wing Chun Suited To?

If you are someone who is never practiced martial arts before then Wing Chun is ideal for you. It is an easy style to pick up and it is learned very quickly.

Ideal for someone who would like to learn something for self defense and does not have much time.

Also if you have a bad knee or something like that then this style is worth trying, to see if it aggravates your injury.

Great for people of all different builds, flexibility and fitness levels.

Simultaneous attack and defense, if you are not very fit and want the fight over quickly

The moves are simple yet practical, you will not learn big flying kicks just easy to learn effective moves that are unlikely to go wrong if you should ever have to use them in a street fight.

By the end of the first couple lessons you will have a set of moves that you can practice over and over to build up speed and muscle memory until they become second nature and you will instinctively do them if you find yourself in a confrontation.

Use of wooden dummy, great for someone who does not have a sparring partner to perfect moves on.

Wing Chun Training Videos

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Who Is It Not Suited For?

Wing Chun does not have any techniques for use if you are on the ground, so if you already know a striking style and want to know some ground moves then Wing Chun is not for you.

Lack of joint locks or submission moves, so if you are for example a bouncer and need to subdue someone without hurting them then you should seek another style.

Wing Chun is close quarters fighting, it is always dangerous to get close to your opponent.

If weapons combat interests you Wing Chun has only two different weapons, for most people this will not be a problem.

If you want to fight competitively then you cannot rely on Wing Chun alone, although it is a great addition to another style.

There is little fitness training involved in this art.

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