This is Arguably one of the best Donnie Yen Movies to date, I mean the only thing that comes close to it is Ip man part 2. Great story line which is based on real life events and the fight scenes are exceptional, Donnie is so quick! If you watch the fight below it follows a rather emotional part of the movie where the humble and gentle natured Ip man is angry at the Japanese for their cruel treatment and decides to show them who is boss!

This scene is one of many where Yip man is almost god like when he fights, he is untouchable. I know it seems unrealistic that people can be that good but when the main hero of the movie is like that I find it to be quite entertaining.  Through out the whole movie Ip man only gets hit 2 or 3 times and that is during the final fight.

IP Man is an award winning film about the real-life story of a grand master of the Wing Chun Kung Fu style. IP Man also called Yip man is popularly known in Kung Fu circles as the martial arts educator who trained Bruce Lee. A one-of-a-kind production, the film grossed over two million US dollars in its opening weekend in China alone. And this is not all.

The Film hit the big board on December 10, 2008, to meet a widely expectant audience. After the Chinese debut, IP Man was presented to audiences in Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. British and USA actioneers had to wait until the following year. Prior to its release, this martial arts forerunner released a test screening in the Chinese capital on December, 2008. The cast and entire play received astonishing acclaim from martial arts fanatics as well as modest film-goers. Donnie Yen’s appearance as IP Man was time and again hailed as the year’s best act. And the inclusive stars, Lam Ka-tung, Fan Siu-wong and Lynn Hung; also contributed in great measure to the excellent filming that turned out to be a top performing film.

Although very popular in Martial Arts circles, the film’s title happened to be controversial. This was after directing producer Kar-wai made public plans to direct his own IP Man film (titled The Great Master), when filming 2046. Despite the claims, Kar-wai’s film had been in a development mess for years. Producer Raymond Wong had made arrangements to name his film ‘Grandmaster Yip Man’, which in many ways was similar to Kar-wai’s title. The dispute was later resolved.

IP Man outlined some departures from history, but was all the same an epic representation of the real person and character. Set in the 1930’s, the Film depicted the life story of a community in Foshan, a nerve centre of Southern Chinese martial arts, where various martial arts academies operated. Although Wing Chun master IP Man is the most skilled educator and artist in the region, he maintains a low profile. He even feels no need to accept trainees and indeed goes on to spend entire days training. The brilliant story unfolds dramatically, with a hang of ancient China sticking to every scene.

IP Man’s martial arts choreography features impressive stunts and memorable fights, designed by Sammo Hung and Tony Leung Siu-hung. Donnie Yen comes across as impressively as ever in this film. During an interview, Donnie described his role in IP Man as one of the most mentally difficult and emotionally engulfing in many years. And this was all in a professional attempt to honor the real-life character represented in the movie as an erudite and cultured Chinese national, who had amassed scores of special tricks in Wing Chun. Even after the film, Yen was compelled to stay in the character. He wore IP Man’s costumes and adopted his voice and movements!

A stunningly great film, IP Man offers a new twist for the discerning martial arts enthusiast. 

Ip Man Review
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